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DIY Your Unicorn Christmas Ornament.

What is exciting about Christmas? Meet your loved ones, snow, Santa, snowmen, gingerbread, holiday. Well, sure. But, another exciting thing you missed the whole year maybe decorating your house with Christmas related stuff. Christmas tree, lots lots of tinsel, ribbons, tree skirt, candles, and cute ornament. Yes!

So, what’s your plan this upcoming Christmas holiday?

What about do some DIY (Do It Yourself) with your kids or your partner? It’s a great idea to start a warm Christmas day and will delighting your decoration agenda.

Many DIY tutorials can be found all over YouTube, or Instagram. But, we’ll give you some tips.

You absolutely can make your own glittery unicorn ornaments by using craft clay for the horn and some glittery stickers like stars, snowflakes, flowers or pattern, also glue gun to paste every items on. Where you can simply get one of the various craft clay unicorn horn from

Glitter ball

Craft clay unicorn horn


Unicorn ornament ball


It’s actually really simple, isn’t? You just need to glue the horn and stickers on the ball to make one. So? Happy trying, and decorating your Christmas day!


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