DIY Your Bubblegum Necklace.

Bubblegum necklace is a sort of item for every little girl. And somehow, they can be so much expensive. However, now seems like we shouldn’t be worried much because many stores has provided DIY tools to start our own custom made accessories. And sure it’ll be more worth it and cheaper if we do some of our own DIY bubblegum necklace.

So, what we must prepare about?

a. Start with gathering supplies, 20 pieces of 20mm bubblegum beads, 22 pieces of 4mm silver spacer beads, 0,45 mm coated beading wire, 2 crimp beads, toggle clasp, wire cutters, small pliers, and clay charm embellishment as a pendant.

b. Cut approximately two feed of the coated beading wire, and hold the wire between your thumb and finger.

c. Slide the crimp bead, and put on one half of your toggle clasp.

d. Slide the wire back through the crimp bead, ensuring the toggle clasp is looped in.

e. Leave about a quarter of an inch of space between the crimp bead and the toggle clasp. Keep holding the wire, and squish the crimp bead with the pliers to smash it completely.

f. Then start beading. Add the bead in the pattern you want. If your beads consist of big to small one, make sure to place the big one in the middle. Also place the pendant right in the middle of the beads. You can get some handmade clay charm embellishment for pendant from



Clay charm embellishment for pendant.

g. When all the beads already placed on the wire, slide on the crimp bead and then the other half of the toggle clasp.

h. Run the wire back through the crimp bead, also to through the silver bead, and the first plastic bead too.

i. Hold onto the toggle clasp, and tug on the beading wire until everything is tight. Make sure there are no gaps between any of the beads at all before crimp the crimp bead.

j. Once it’s tight, use a pliers and crimp the crimp beads tightly. After the crimp bead squished, use the wire cutters to get as close to the plastic bead as possible and clip the wire.

k. Then, tuck the little piece into the hole of the next bead, so the wire doesn’t stick out and scratch our neck when wearing.

And, your custom bubblegum necklace is ready. Happy creating!


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