Hand A Special Gift, by DIY Your Own Gift.


Handing a gift to someone you love must be special. And that gift, of course, can be anything. From a simple bracelet to a luxurious yacht. But, honest to say. A simple handcraft you made could be the best gift ever. So, do you want to make a self-made handcraft for you or your partner? And still couldn’t find one?

Here, we’ll give you some tips.

1. Necklace

The necklace is a nice wearing often have the tendency of attaching some form of emotional value to it. It surely can be given to yourself, your parent, partner or your kids. To make a self-made beautiful necklace you can start to prepare a chain/string and a pendant. You can choose a suitable kind of chain or string for you. There are so many types of chain/string, like silver chain, silk, nylon, monofilament, nymo, etc. Don’t forget to make sure the length of the necklace suit you.

 2. Key Chain

Key chain might be simple, but we always bring this everywhere. Keychain could also be a reminder or a resourceful memory. You only need a key chain holder and a pendant. But, make the pendant more unique by putting a bit effort on it. With your own self-made handcraft of course.

3. Scrapbook

One of the most unique way to preserve your memory, maybe by scrapbooking. Scrapbook tell stories to you about many things, from pictures, photos, to your handwriting. And it’s quite easy to make one. You need a bunch of colourful card stock, scrap or patterned paper, scissors or cutters, adhesive, distress ink, binding, photos and embellishment. And you can always get some cute and unique embellishment from craftymood.com.


Clay charm embellishment

These types of handcraft may show your true affection and care towards the one you love. Because you have spent a little time of yours to make a small gift, which is self-handmade, for them. So, do some and show love by giving.


Sources: yourstory.com ; www.thesprucecrafts.com ; Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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