Learning with Princess.

Is your daughter love princess character? Most parents, maybe would say yes. And some do feel that it worried them.

Some parent doesn’t mind kids know about princesses, but as the parent they do want a healthy view and a good role model for their beloved child. And in fact, the expert has said that it’s all normal for kids to love a princess character to be a part of exploration and development. Which it’s actually parent’s important role to make their children understand of what’s good or otherwise. By giving some great message from their princess character like happiness, familial love, selflessness, confidence, kindness and strong to be a part of their children’s character.

But, learning those amounts of messages through movie, maybe just not the only way to do. We can encourage them to do some creative activity by using their favourite character and more. Like making handcraft or do a part of storytelling to deliver the message you wished for them.

Because children instinctively learn by experiencing their world using all of their senses. Movement or doing things allows children to connect concepts to action and to learn through trial and error process. So, let the kids do many things well, but remember to always guide them.

And if you intend to deliver your story of princesses or give a present, or planning to make a joint handcraft making with your children by using these clay princess characters, you can surely get some from craftymood.com.


Princess character from handmade clay.

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