Popular Unicorn Products.

The unicorn has been very popular at various points for at least 3,000 years. They were considered as real in the ancient world by the Greeks and have been incorporated into Western art and culture, from time to time. Since the 16th century, unicorns have become much more rainbow coloured and much more glittery, and help them explode into the mainstream millennial culture. Marketeers and manufacturers have also helped drive the trend as unicorn-themed toys, clothing, stationary, and other products that can be made easily, without any expensive licensing costs.

In July last year the search term ‘unicorn’ overtook ‘mermaid’ in popularity on Google for the first time ever and has been climbing ever since. Meanwhile, social media and YouTube are overflowed with videos of unicorn cupcake and makeup tutorials. Also Instagram is one of the biggest contributors to the rise. Even the fact that unicorns are becoming a pretty popular tattoo design or a Starbucks drink ‘The Unicorn Frappuccino’ was astonishing. And makes easier way to find unicorn product in the nearest occasion.

So, here are few popular unicorn product for millennials that you won’t miss, unicorn lovers:

1. Unicorn Floats

This fancy floats became popular among others because it able to fit six people also come with built-in cup holders and cooler to feel like home out there on the water.

Unicorn floats

2. Unicorn Stationery

The unicorn lovers must delighted to have these sparkling unicorn stationery for their lives. 

Unicorn stationery set

 3. Unicorn Snuggie

The warm and comforting snuggie with full body-length, made from fleece or nylon sounds interesting. But, with a unicorn shape like? It’s another level for the unicorn lovers. Isn’t?


Unicorn snuggie

 4. Unicorn Handcraft

This handcraft unicorn has been pretty popular these days. It's made from dry air clay and perfect for bow making, jewellery making, bookscrapping or magnet for refrigerator decoration. Its cute shape will brighten up our unicorn lover’s day. Yay! You can absolutely grab some from craftymood.com.


Unicorn handmade clay



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