Stay Warm and Lively in This Winter Break.

Winter sometimes goes with freezing temperatures, icy conditions and sometimes snow. And at many times we just stuck in our house and enjoy the winter break with literally nothing but some snowstorms, bitterly cold weather, or gloomy rain.

Instead of doing so and make the cold days more miserable, it’s always better to use the winter months as a way to encourage yourself also your kids to discover hidden talents and interests. Because a little creativity and imagination can go a long way toward keeping both mind and body active.

And, these some fun indoor activities you may try are:

a. Learn to make a new craft every week

Crafting is a way to express and explore creativity by doing such fun things. That’s why these activities get along quite well with various ranges of age. One of the simplest ways to do craft is making a various craft from clay charm embellishment. And always ready to provide many of them.


Clay Charm Embellishment

b. Do a digital detox

Winter break can also become more meaningful by doing a digital detox. This will help your children to be more sociable, and enhance the family time moments.

c. Cook a family meal

Make a family meal by cooking with your kids will be an interesting option to make a warm winter more meaningful. You can try to make a nice pot of homemade hot soup, like chicken noodle recipe, roasted cauliflower, butternut squash and carrot soup, etc.

Butternut squash soup

d. Cleans out clothes and household goods that are no longer wanted and donate them to charity or sell them online

Despite the weather just way too cold to do things, but clean out clothes and household goods will be a good choice to warm the days and create a clean sanitary.

e. Hold board and card games

Conduct a board or card game with friends and family could reduce the cold during winter by heating up the ambience inside the house. Scrabble, snakes and ladders, monopoly, or Jenga maybe can revive memories of our childhood. Don’t forget to get some homemade hot chocolate or snacks to cheer up the games.


f. Host a movie marathon

Watching a movie as a part of winter break is a fun thing we shouldn’t miss for. Sort some playlist to your movie marathon, from drama, romantic, comedy to horror to fill the day. Don’t forget to get a comfy couch and some popcorn to roast more fun.

g. Redecorate

Give a brand new look to your house by moving things around which will be a fun and refreshing agenda for the winter. You can try hanging some pictures in different places, rearranging the furniture or making a house decoration, such as from clay charm embellishment.

Redecorate house

h. Read books

Read the untouched stack of books will be an excellent winter break agenda if you love reading. Your body may be stuck in your home, but your imagination surely can go further, yet wondrous.

i. Scrapbooking

If you never scrapbooked before, the winter break maybe just a great time to make one. You can pair up with your kids to accomplish the book by making it more colourful with much fun, such as clay charm embellishment. And it could be a one of a kind gift for a special occasion.

Those actually just a few from many more indoor activities you can try during winter break. So, get off your blanket and start making the preparation to enjoy warmer days this winter holiday. Happy winter break, everyone.



Sources: ; ; ; Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

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