7 Popular Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Celebrating a new journey of your kids will be more joyful with a fun birthday party. Since it's a special day, what’s better than a themed party one. These seven birthday party themes are our picks to roast some excitement to your kids party:

a. Superhero

Superheroes are one of the forever popular themes to celebrate birthday, especially for kids. Many characters are ready to be cosplayed, you can always pick any of them. The theme can be applied to costumes, cake, also the gift. 

Superhero themed-party

b. Llama

Llama series as a birthday theme party that can’t be wrong. It has become a popular creature among the youngest member of the household. Simple llama cake, with various pastel color embellishments would be perfect to cheer up the kids.

Llama themed-party

c. Dinosaur

This ancient creature is a love of the children. Variety of games, and decoration are available to conduct this theme. You can easily get some fake eggs and stuff.

Dino themed-party

d. Princess

The easiest component to pull off a fun party with princess theme are with tulle, gold glitter and pastel color cake. This will always be a good combination to throw a girly party.

 Princess themed-party

e. Piggie Pig

Party with a pink themed like this cute pig character is the best runaway for any cute item lover. This character able to light up the party, especially if you decide to give some little pig noses or ears to the party attendees. Pink balloons and chocolate milk just will make the party more perfect.

Pig themed-party

f. Forest or Woodland Animal Party

Animals are sure to become one of the favorite themes for kids. A natural theme with cute animal characters like cow, bear, or birds might also a way to educate the kids about animals.  

Animal themed-party

g. Unicorn

Girls mostly will always say yes to unicorn themed party. The ethereal inspiration for various elements, such as cake, decoration, and sure, the gifts. 

Unicorn themed-party

And if you’re looking for the one to make your kids birthday party more amazing, craftymood.com is always ready to provide many clay charm embellishments to be a perfect gift, or decoration for the party. With various themes and types. Go check and find your favorite.















These clays can be given as a gift which you can directly give these clay charm embellishments or personalized with some creativity, such as hair bow, personalized pin, key ring and many more.


Sources: redtri.com ; unsplash.com

Note: Link to the website of the images are available on the picture.


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