Back to School Preparation List, Parent Should Do

School is back. While some children may be filled with excitement, some others will give an opposite response on going back to school. As a big transition, this special day must be well prepared, for both parents and their children.

Here is some preparation any parents need to do before school started.

a. School lesson review

Throughout the holiday, many school lessons may have been forgotten. Spare some time to read, and review the school subject to start the school days. Your assistance may let them easily remember the subject.

School subject review

b. School supplies shopping

Before going back to the hectic days of school, you can give them some fun activities such as school supplies shopping. They can pick their own outfits and supplies. From books, bag, stationery, to some cute socks.

c. Back to school gift

Going back to school after a long holiday sometimes may ruin your kid’s mood. To mood up the situation, you can give a school start’s gift. It can be food such as cake, chocolate, or sweets; books; crayons; accessories; or a bunch of school supplies. You can also give them some small support such as these cute embellishments to give them more zing. They are available on


 Clay charm embellishment

d. Special meal

Start your kid’s day with a special breakfast. Great meal with good nutritious value to boost their mood for the whole day. Also prepare some snacks such as fruits, chocolate bun, etc.


The first day of school lunch maybe feels boring, so prepare something different for your kids. You can add some of your kid’s favorite menu or you can make the lunch prettier with a note to cheer them up.

e. The first-day picture

This is a must-do list you need for the back-to-school preparation. Preserve the memories of the kid’s first day back to school will give them an exciting feeling to face the school days.

First day school

Going back to school is somehow a small but meaningful day after the holidays. As a good parent, we have to take the right steps to handle any problem.


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