Few Tips to Make Your Kids Love Fruit and Veggie.

Fruit and vegetables are one of the best diet to provide vitamins, mineral and dietary fibre for our bodies. Those colourful and crunchy fruits and veggie are important to support children’s health, growth, and development. It’s low in fat and calories also able to protect children from certain illness and diseases. But sadly, most children are often fussy with them and refuse to have some.

Considering how important fruit and veggie are, isn’t wise enough for us to let our kids hate this healthy food forever. Here are a few steps you may try to convince them.

a. Introduce them first

Children love to play and have fun, if you can assure them that it is fun to eat some fruit and veggie, they’ll most probably enjoy the food. Try to make them learn fruit and veggie’s name first. You can use a variety of media to do so. From drawing, games, to clay charm, which you can easily have some from craftymood.com. These clays are handmade and totally cute that will make your kids love it. You can also make various craft from this clay material, such as hair bows, key ring, etc.  

Fruit and veggie clay charm embellishment

b. Involving your children in food preparation and planning

Let your children do food preparing and planning by taking them to the grocery store and pick their food supply. You can let them smell and feel the fruit and veggie for you. As for the food preparation, let them wash the food and explore the colour and its shape. And, one of the best way is growing your own vegetable and herbs and ask your children to take care of the plant.


Food preparing

c. Enjoy fruit and vegetables

Children's learning pathway is quite unique, they tend to do things by taking example of what they see and experience. That’s why the parent’s role is really important in giving an example of enjoyable fruit and veggie meal. 

Enjoy your fruit and veggie

d. Presentation

Kids always love something colorful and fun, so rather than giving them a bunch of fruit, it’ll be better to take a little work by serving the fruit or veggie in a certain way to enhance your kid’s appetite. You just need to be more creative, and give some embellishment to your food.


Fruit with various presentation

e. Include fruit and veggie wherever possible

Veggie and fruit are various in variety, you can always have multiple way to serve a health food by mixing many ingredients. Such as these mango pudding and cheese macaroni with peas and spinach.


    Dishes with fruit or veggie

(mango pudding and cheese macaroni with peas and spinach)


Well, those are a few steps you can try to make your children love fruit and vegetables. As the best way for parents is to enjoy fruit and vegetables as a daily part of the whole family’s diet. Keep your life healthy, friends.


Sources: www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au ; freepik.com


Note: Link to the website of the images are available on the picture.

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