Here’s Why Superheroes are Beneficial for Kid’s Development

Kids are easily absorbing things that they see and hear, like a sponge. As a blank state which waiting to be filled out with various personality traits, or tabula rasa, they tend to imitate one of the good guys in the show or cartoon, no wonder, we often see them in a certain superhero costume or act like they were one.

And, we began to think about what is actually the benefit of these superheroes for our kids.

So, here are a few reasons why:

Help to define bad and good things.

Superhero helps children develop a concept such as right and wrong, and empower children to gain more confidence. It can greatly influence the children’s development process. 

Aspire good values.

They somehow offer the kids something to aspire to, such as bravery, caring, thoughtfulness, and selflessness. Also, give some hope and standpoint variety during a certain occasion or events.

Superhero play

Help to develop the kid’s personality traits.

The superhero can create a great foundation for kids to identify and build up their personality traits, develop certain skills and talent. Someone who they can look up to as a role model.

Providing indirect life lessons.

It can be a way to remind them of many life lessons. To love people, to be a good person, to help those in need, and care about the environment.

Well, those are a few good points of admiring superheroes.

Apart from purchasing comic books or watch the superhero movie, parents can also give them these cute embellishments for the kids.


Clay charm embellishment

These clay charm embellishments are made from good quality clay with a handmade process. They are always available in


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