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Host a Friendly Easter Eggs Hunt for Your Kids

The Easter egg hunt is a common festive activity held at Easter. The Easter eggs are hidden for children to run around and find, which this may also a contest to see who collect the most eggs. These eggs are often real hard-boiled eggs, which typically dyed or painted, a foil-wrapped egg–shaped chocolate of various sizes, or artificial eggs made of plastic filled with chocolate or candies. This game is often played outdoors, but also can be played indoors. So, this activity often held in a festival where other activities such as music, food, and entertainment are for adult and older children.

If you don’t have intention to go to one, and intended to make an Easter egg hunt for your kids with their pals. Here are a few lists you can do to make your Easter eggs hunt went smooth.

1. Prepare all the tools you needed

Try to find what kind of treasure hunt you wanted to hold. Is it a traditional egg hunt on Easter morning or makes it a bit more than you usually have. You may choose what is ‘the egg’ you needed. There are many types of egg you can choose, chocolate eggs, golden eggs, colourful eggs, decorated real hard-boiled eggs, or plastic eggs filled with chocolate, candies or gifts. After deciding the eggs you need, then choose what are the present for the winners of the treasure hunt. That could be foods, toys or fancy school kits.

2. Plan your route

Do a tour on your house, and find some places which could be the options to put the eggs and treats in your house. Make sure to make it tricky yet easy to find, nobody wants the eggs will rotten in a few days later, after the treasure hunt because unable to find the eggs. Alternative ways, you can make a list where do you place the eggs and how many eggs you placed. And, make sure the routes are safe for your children.

3. Lay clues and treats

Depending how much space you have to play with, you can either fold the clues and set the children to gather them up before reaching a giant confectionery at the end, or leave some edible treats (candies, jelly, or cake) along the way. Here are some clues to nestle the treats: somewhere cold, somewhere cosy to sleep at night, where you wash up, something to keep warm in cold weather, where the toothbrush stored, etc.

Well, that’s it. Happy Easter Egg Hunt everyone. Have a fun and exciting one to make a memorable memories with your beloved children. Anyway, you can always find various clay craft embellishments from to cheer up your Easter day or to do some fancy and creative DIY like jewellery, scrapbooks etc.


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