Show and Tell for Kid’s Learning

Show and tell is a key part of the children’s school day and their learning development. As it could help to organize information and build confidence. So it’s not a surprise that it’s a great way to encourage children’s interest in particular topics or object, also think out of the box.

And, here are a few tips to help them learn by show and tell:

Find a visual reference

A prop to visualize the character of the topic can be a medium to bring the main focus of attention. We can provide small figure or material to help them visualize their ideas. From holiday’s dairy to daily experience. Take them on an adventure around the house to collect a nature box, which can be filled with dry leaves, flower, rock, bug skeleton, etc. You can also give them clay charm embellishment which resemble many topics you wish to introduce your children. Such as these clay charm embellishments from


Weather topic clay charm embellishment


Fruit and veggie topic clay charm embellishment


Animal topic clay charm embellishment


Take a chance for a confidence public speaking

Children are born in quite different ways, some may love to take a centre position and being confident to speak in front of their pals. While others may struggle to find their courage. Meanwhile, we truly understand that shyness can hold them back from taking big chances from their lives. So offering a practical tips and experience may help the children to be more confident.

Tell what you learned

Public speaking are built with time, and practice. Every single day we discover something new in our lives. Whether it’s a new book, new friends, or new experiences. So, let your children to say and tell what they feel or experience during a day is a best way to make them easily create more sentences and words.

Lots of child-friendly resources out there are ready to be discovered and tell. They are easily provide and as a digestible information. Try to look out for weird and wonderful facts as children love anything humorous or silly rather than the dry one. To stimulate them love to discover new things everyday.

Quite, learning in a fun way may help children to grow in a good environment. Provide this environment with show and tell learning methods, and with some help of clay charm embellishment from We’ll always try our best to provide our best handmade product for our customers.

Have a good day.



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