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Summer Beach Day for Family Vacation

Beach day is one of the most favourite summer activities for families. A perfect summer getaway to refresh our minds. As the sand and water are a good combination that invites free play also trigger various creative and fun activities. From swimming, sunbathe, surfing, or just chill and relax.

Aside from a complete preparation, for a perfect summer beach day, you need to prepare some activities to fill the day. So, here are our few activities list to fill your summer beach day:

a. Picnic

Grab some food and refreshment and unfold your blanket. Put some sandwiches, drinks, and snacks in your picnic basket. Don’t forget to add some salad, fresh fruit for healthier and hydrating food for the day. Chilling with some food is an absolute way to refresh our minds.

b. Build sand castle

There is no complete summer beach day without a sand castle or sand sculpture. Make sure to prepare your sand castle building tools. Sticks, pinecones, and embellishment for decorations. Bring bowls to create domes, spoons for smoothing the sand, and cups for trivets.  

Sand castle making

c. Playing games

Games can make the day fly by fast. Bring along a ball, hula hoop, or Frisbee to play with your family.

Beach games

d. Shell mosaic

Various types of shell are easily found on any beaches. Collect your shell with a container and do some shell mosaic. You can do it right on the beach or after the day.


e. Flying a kite

Running with the kites and have a great time watching them fly will put such a good memory for kids.

f. Taking picture

Taking a family shot will not only make the Instagram feed artsy but, also preserve the memories within. The beautiful sceneries or the pack’s activities will be fun to be documented. You can make your own amateur photo shoot with some embellishment.

g. Sunset seeing

A beautiful sunset is a perfect component to end your day at the beach. Some places also provide entertainment or live music to bring the joy of the summer beach last better.

So, those are a few summer beach activities you can make with your family.

Don’t forget to add some embellishment to your beach dress code. Such as these cute clay charm embellishments.


Sea life theme clay charm embellishment


Mermaid theme clay charm embellishment

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Don't forget to start your beach day with a hearty breakfast! Have a fun summer day!


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