Things to Do to Spend Christmas Day More Special.

Christmas will always be a special moment for everyone. It’s such a magical time of year. There’s warm, there are love and many more beautiful things. A festive affair of food, presents and relaxing days at home. And finally those all the holiday cheer and positivity carried it with us all around the year.

But do you ever feel your Christmas day has become so usual and plain, somehow? Just do this and that thing, and goes the same every year? Even though it’s okay just to do so. But, again, why not trying something new?

So, what about do this sort of thing on your Christmas day’s agenda?

1.   Dinner with your family

Dinner with your family may sound ordinary, but what about trying something new? Maybe with the Christmas feast? You can try many dishes you never tried before. Give it a try to a new dish from a country you never tasted before. And feel the difference. Maybe that’ll be a lifetime memory you never able to forget.

 Vitello tonnato, from Argentina


Bibingka, from Phillippines


2.   Christmas Vacation

It’s always fun to stay at home and surrounded by your family member during Christmas. But, what about enjoying something new with some sort of Christmas day outside your home? You can start making a great schedule to spend off. It could be a warm or chill Christmas, it’s up to you. Warm summer temperatures can hang around with you in Australia, or you can feel winter in Tokyo to spend your Christmas day. 

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Tokyo, Japan


3.   Do some DIY (Do It Yourself) Decoration to Your House

Some of us may be just too lazy to do something on Christmas day. Laying around and send people to decorate our house prettiest in this digital-instant era. Because, yes, we may have it now. But, why not do some fun activity to boost the Christmas warmness?

Because today, especially tons and tons of DIY tutorial videos are spread all over YouTube or Instagram.

You can decorate your Christmas tree with a bunch of Santa clay or other cute characters around. Because you can always have some from


Christmas character handmade clay.


4.   An Extra-Ordinary Christmas Presents

What do you usually get or give on the previous Christmas day? A cell phone, jumper, cute plushes, a super-luxury watch or maybe a pair of sneakers? Well, that’s good. But what about something extraordinary? Well, isn't that hard to make one. Something extraordinary, maybe just not that far from you. You can give or get something, maybe only small and cheap, but could help to do many good things.

Like frame a picture of you and your loved ones, a journal, books, a handmade key chain, custom jewellery. And you sure can get some handmade materials from

And yes, those are just a few from trillion ways to make Christmas day more special. You can always make that special moment with your beloved one with even just the smallest thing ever. So, are you ready to start making plans for this soon Christmas day? Don't forget to be happy.


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